“I’ve worked with several publishing houses during my time as an agent. Without hesitation, Miralee Ferrell is at the top of my list for publishers to work with at smaller houses (bigger houses too, but, shh… don’t tell!). Her response time is quick and detailed. Even when the response is a “no,” she sends a specific reason instead of a “thanks, but no thanks.” All of my authors who are working/have worked with Miralee have high praise as well. Probably my favorite thing about working with the Mountain Brook Ink team, though, is the book covers. They blow me away every time. Definitely consider pitching your authors to Mountain Brook. You won’t be disappointed in the service you receive.”

– Sarah Freese, Literary Agent
WordServe Literary Agency

Mountain Brook Ink Authors

Angela Ruth Strong

“Ready, aim, fire. That seems to be my editor [Miralee Ferrell]’s motto. I can barely keep up with my editor’s energy and ideas, and that’s saying a lot…I appreciate my editor’s no-nonsense approach…I’m always getting lists of things to improve my writing, and my writing improves because of it…But despite the fact my editor is task-oriented, time is still made for relationship….I nominate this editor for 2017 Editor of the Year because I am constantly in awe, not only because of who she is, but who this person has helped many writers to become.”

— Angela Ruth Strong
Romantic Times TOP PICK author

[Mountain Brook Ink] takes the time to educate their authors in social media trends, host parties on Facebook, find blogs and podcasts to help with exposure, and hosts webcasts too. Without [their] professionalism, industry knowledge, and open door policy, I would still be floundering around in a draft of my second book while feeling overwhelmed with marketing my first…I could not imagine my writing career without [Miralee Ferrell]’s sharp eye, instinct, wisdom, and desire to nurture the whole author…not merely spit-shine my manuscript’s grammar and structure and plot.

Heather L.L. FitzGerald, Author of

Our Readers

“Mountain Brook Ink is a gift to the publishing world. As a reader who wants to expand the genre of books I read, I know when I pick up an MBI-produced book that the story in my hands will be quality work…I never feel like my time wasn’t well spent.”

— Heidi Joelle
Pre-Reader & Blogger at Homemade Mythology

“Mountain Brook Ink provides quality in every product. From the authors to the stories, the reader will always receive special attention to detail and a message that will touch the heart.”

— Melissa Henderson
Pre-Reader & Blogger at melissaghenderson.com