One of Our Fiction Lines is acquiring new titles . . .

findingloveinInCaps“Finding Love In…” 

…is one of our fiction lines that we’re wanting to build and grow. We’re looking for authors who love writing romance that makes a difference in lives. We have three books out in this line now and two more under contract, and we’re actively looking to acquire more–especially if your idea includes spin-off character who can go on to have their own story.

These books must include a romance and can be:

  • Historical
  • Contemporary
  • Mystery
  • Suspense
  • Romantic Comedy

What they CAN’T be:

Fluff with little to no substance. We want to see a spiritual thread with meaning, even if it’s romantic comedy, there needs to be character growth and depth to the story.

Short. We aren’t looking for any books under 75,000 words for this line. Keep it 75-85 and it’s perfect.

Shallow character development won’t be a fit for this line. You must be willing to dig deep and allow the readers to walk away feeling they truly know your characters.

Treat the setting as though it were a character:

We want the setting to come alive for the readers. It can be anywhere in the 50 U.S. states, but the setting must reflect a real place that exists now or, if it’s a historical, existed during the time period you chose to set it. The details of the setting must be accurate and research is very important to us.

What could happen as a result:

Our company is in the middle of trademarking the Finding Love In line in conjunction with a movie company who is also trademarking it for the TV movie industry. One of our books, Finding Love in Bridal Veil, Oregon, is under contract with them for a possible movie. We are interested in seeing contemporary romance with a country setting, small city setting with lots of charm/history, Amish/Mennonite romance, and romantic mystery or romantic suspense. Our company loves historical fiction and is still very willing to sign it for this line, although the production group isn’t interested in historical at this time. There is no guarantee any of our new books would be optioned for a movie, but we’re hopeful it could happen in the future, and we’re excited about our prospects. 

Interested in submitting? 

Please click on the submissions tab, read the instructions and especially pull up the example of the type of proposal we’d like to receive. Please follow the guidelines or your proposal will be rejected. Thank you and happy writing!

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