Live Chat w/ Heidi Joelle on Richard Spillman’s “The Awakened!”

Live Chat w/ Heidi Wright on The Awakened“ Heidi has been a champion of The Awakened since long before its release. We’re so excited to have her joining us to share why she loves it! Please join us! Bring chips, a cup of coffee, questions, and most importantly, your company. 🙂 We’d be thrilled to have

Reader Appreciation: Cheers, Angela Ruth Strong + Live Chat

Live Chat w/ Carla Wood on A Caffeine Conundrum Dear Readers, Writing would not be nearly as fun without you. I love it when you help me brainstorm ideas, and give me feedback on my book covers, and especially when you join my inside joke about how male characters aren’t supposed to put hands on

Reader Appreciation: Thank you, Amy K. Rognlie

Dear Readers, Well-known author Harper Lee once said, “I never expected any sort of success with [To Kill a] ‘Mockingbird’… I sort of hoped someone would like it enough to give me encouragement.” Obviously, Lee’s work was “liked” immensely, becoming a bestseller almost overnight and eventually winning the Pulitzer Prize. Though I’m certainly no Harper

Reader Appreciation: Blessings, Teresa H. Morgan

“I love being an author and communicating the love of God. I so appreciate you, readers, for spending hours of your valuable time with me and the books of my heart. You’ve opened not just your wallets, but your hearts to the characters and families I’ve created. You’ve enthusiastically shared my books and spread the

Blessings, Christa MacDonald

Dear Reader, I was thinking the other day about what connects my writing; what’s the common theme that runs through my books, my blogging, and even the few books-to-be that I started, but shelved for whatever reason? Forgiveness and grace are themes I love to write about, but finding family/community is the theme that stands

Reader Appreciation: With love, Jeanette-Marie Mirich + Reader Reviews

To those who enjoy a good book: I glanced at my husband as we recently unpacked our bags and piled our mushed clothes into wash, hang up, or iron stacks. Our last two month journey had taken us from Greek Islands to Normandy Beaches researching World War II locations for a novel. Our motto should

Reader Appreciation: Thank you, Patricia Lee + Reviewer Thanks

To all who have read at least one story from the Mended Hearts series: You can’t imagine how wonderful it is to have a reader come up to me and say “I absolutely loved your book. I couldn’t put it down!” Or another who said, “You made me cry.” And yet another: “I can’t wait

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