Kelsey Norman

Kelsey Norman is a former elementary teacher turned stay-at-home mom from Kansas. She is married to her high school sweetheart whom she’s known since she was eleven years old. Kelsey’s been writing short stories since she was a little girl, and wrote her first full-length novel when she was sixteen. She’s been pursuing her dream ever since. Kelsey’s so thankful that God has blessed her with the calling to be a novelist.

When Kelsey isn’t writing, she enjoys dancing, doing arts and crafts, playing card games with her family, and being outdoors. Kelsey is fluent in movie and T.V. quotes, and can fill your head with useless facts about celebrities. She is the clumsiest person she knows, yet she’s never had stitches or broken a bone. If Kelsey had to pick one thing to eat for every meal, she’d choose cereal.

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We’re excited to add Kelsey to our growing list of authors. We’ve signed her as our first paranormal romance (speculative fiction/fantasy type) author! 

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