• Favorite Place in the World

    Guest Post by Heather Woodhaven

    Ask me where my favorite place in the world is and I don’t even need to think about it. The Oregon Coast! Why?

    Nine years ago, when my three children all qualified as “little,” we went on our very first family vacation. It would only be a couple of days, but I was thrilled because we were on our way to see the beach for the first time. On the drive I asked the crew what they hoped for the trip. My husband had heard they had forests there and wanted to see an elk. My eldest daughter wanted to see a crab and a starfish. My son wanted to run on the beach. I wanted to find a sand dollar. My three-year-old caught on and voiced her desire. “I want to see a shark!”

    We all laughed. She was quite upset that I’d encouraged everyone else’s hopes. “I’m sorry, honey. But we aren’t going to see a shark.”

    The forecast called for rain, but we had a much-needed break from full-time ministry and laughed and played under partly cloudy skies. We roamed the Ecola State Park, which felt as if I’d been transported to a Disney storybook forest.

    We came face to face with an elk. Magnificent and larger than I imagined, we stared at each other. The moment I broke eye contact to grab my camera, he disappeared. We touched a starfish, spotted a crab, and ran the beach. I found a sand dollar without blemish. Every moment felt like a gift to my weary soul. I found it so easy to be still and know that He is God.

    And, on the last day, a small shark washed right up to our feet.

    I am not joking. I was in disbelief. I still am.

    My youngest beamed and talked to the young shark while the rescue team was called. They drove a truck on the beach equipped with everything needed to save it.

    I marveled at how God answered the desire of each of our hearts over those couple of days. We’ve been back to the Oregon Coast a few times over the last decade, and every time we stare in awe at the ocean that never stops roaring and feel so small and yet, so loved and cherished.

    So I’m thrilled to be a part of Finding Love at the Oregon Coast, and I hope it gives you a taste of my favorite place in the world.


    Available July 1, 2017:
    Finding Love at the Oregon Coast
    Novella Collection

    When a wedding is cancelled, three bridesmaids and a runaway bride contemplate the true meaning of love in four related romance novellas.

    Finding Love in Lincoln City
    by Heather Woodhaven

    “Liz feels stuck at her little beach magazine until a handsome rival sparks more than just friendly competition.

    Finding Love in Oceanside
    by Lisa Philips

    “Anabeth is looking to get out of her rut when a fender bender and a bizarre date with a former marine leads her to a life of love she could never have imagined.” [read more]

    heatherHeather Woodhaven earned her pilot’s license, rode a hot air balloon over the safari lands of Kenya, assisted an engineer with a medical laser in a Haitian mission, parasailed over Caribbean seas, lived through an accidental detour onto a black diamond ski trail in the Aspens and snorkeled among sting rays before becoming a mother of three and wife of one. Now Heather spends her days celebrating laughter, adding to her impressive list of embarrassing moments, and raising a family of aspiring comedians who perform nightly at her table. She channels her love for adventure into writing characters who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances–whether running for their lives or battling the insanities of life.
    Learn more about Heather: WritingHeather.com

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