• Something New is Coming!!

    We’re excited to announce that once a week, we’re going to start interviewing authors here on our blog. Also, once a month (more or less) we’ll be interviewing authors live via a video chat. Our first author who will appear here is contemporary romance author Kimberly Rose Johnson….her post will go live in about a week, on Dec. 12th.

    Then we’ll chat with contemporary romance author Christa MacDonald on Dec. 19th, take a two week break for Christmas, then visit with fantasy author Heather L. L. FitzGerald on January 9th.

    In late January or early February, we’ll be hosting two authors live on separate video chats, Linda Hanna along with (possibly) her co-author, Deborah Dulworth. Also coming soon on video chat will be romantic suspense author Gayla K Hiss. Both of those authors will be posting her during January or February as well.

    We hope you’ll stop by often and get to know our authors. We’ll also be sharing about some upcoming sales and FREE books later this month, so be sure you drop by again to see what we’re up to!

    Happy December–we have our first snow coming tonight or tomorrow here in the Pacific NW!

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